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                 FOR WOMEN


The purpose of the project was to design a problem-solving brand to address a social issue surfaced from a recent social news, and to create a series of brand strategies, visual identities and deliverables for the brand.


I chose to design a travel safety brand for women. There was an unfortunate incident where a solo female traveler was stalked during her trip and sexually assaulted inside a hotel. This brand aims to prevent tragedies like this in the future, and to give female traveler a peace of mind while traveling. Upon researching user needs, I realized that solo female travelers are the most victimized group of people, and many of them lack the necessary safety precautions and experience when planning a trip. Therefore, I created a women’s travel safety course and designing related materials. In this course, the participants can learn about identifying typical safety red flags, and ways to res-earch the safety of their destinations. Also, in the course, they can network with each other and potentially travel together so they can look after each other during the trip. Next, for the emergent situations, I designed an app that can allow a safety center to track the users’ locations real time and respond to the users’ call for help on the tap of the button. And finally, my brand would collaborate with hotels to provide more safety feature and service for the traveler. The user can filter by the safety system equipped in the hotel on our booking website, and we will provide some safety accessories upon checking in.