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IASDR 2021


IASDR 2021 is the ninth Congress of the International Association of Societies of Design Research. The overarching theme of IASDR 2021 is ‘[ _ ] With Design: Reinventing Design Modes’. This overarching theme wishes to solicit the definition of new frameworks, models, methods, products and unexpected outcomes in this questioning of design futures.


According to the theme of the project, I used the spatial sense of the grid combined with 3D motion graphics as the main visual element to show the futuristic feeling. Considering the location of the conference in Hong Kong, bilingual elements were incorporated into the design. The combination of multi-element visuals injects a sense of modernity and vitality to the conference theme. the interlocking rotation of the 3D motion effects and the presentation of the text emphasizes the interplay and development of the different design modules within the conference theme.

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